Micro Leak Tester Machine
(Aerosol Can)
Specification on this machine :

  • Size of machine at : 1.45m (W) x 1.45m (L) x 2m (H)

  • Precision on the leak-test instrument  :  0.015m Bar

  • Pressure test : 8 Bar

  • Air consumption for continuous running (9 chambers setup) : 160 cfm at 8 bar

  • Radial rotary sequence

  • Current production/testing capacity for 9 chambers setup : 48 to 60 cans/min

  • Machine Setup - Attached to end-cap seamer with a cooling conveyor

  • Software monitoring for easy 15-45 days' historical data archive on production output

 Micro Leak-Test Machine (at Precision of 0.015m Bar)
Metal Forming /Metal Can Manufacturing Industry
There are solutions and machines in production from Proviesys Solution for In-Line sequence.
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