• Side Beam Brush (2 sets) : Brush diameter at 530mm.  Bristle material : Nylon 0.4mm

  • Centre Beam Brush (1 set) : Brush diameter at 660mm (middle 4th,5th,6th section), 580mm (side 1st-
    3rd & 7th-9th section).  Bristle material : Nylon 0.4mm

  • Top Slanting Beam Brush (8 sets) : Brush diameter at 420mm.   Bristle material : Crimped Steel 0.3mm

  • Attachment Beam Brush (2 sets) : Brush diameter at 570mm (side 1st section), 475mm (2nd-6th
    section), 330mm (6th-9th section).   Bristle material : Crimped Steel 0.3mm

Blow Cleaning Section

- Powered by a 50HP Belted Driven Rotary Screw Type Compressor - Brand : Fiac

- It is supported by a Vertical Air Receiver 2000 liter on buffer for constant pressure supply of compressed air

- Free air delivery :
227 CFM at 7.5bar. Sectional blowing to clean hangars' portion

- Pipe line is at 2 inch in diameter. It is capable of delivering >227 CFM

  • Novath Nozzle  (60 nozzles in total) :      
0.5mm hole clearance.   90 degree Flat spray air nozzle.
Connection : 1/4" male
Material : Brass
Capacity : 10.8 CFM at 7 bar  

      Hangar Cleaning Line (Clean Hangar Before Circulating Them Back To Body Shop)
We do customize on Cleaning System. Do give us your requirements and needs, we will
ensure that your expectations are met.
Brush Cleaning Section

- Powered by 415Vac Geared Motor  -  Brand : MarelliMotori

- The Centre Beam & Top Slanting Beam brush is coupled up with Festo pneumatic cylinder for reaching-in
cleaning-needed hangars' portion
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Hangar Cleaning System