Feed Separator Packaging Machine
Machine Specification :

  • Machine size : 2.1m (L) x 0.7m (W) x 0.92m (H)

  • Production capacity : 250pcs/min

  • Biscuits/cookies size capable to be fed into the machine (separated) :  30 - 100 mm  (in  diameter or in

  • High precision Stepper Motor is fitted for quick and precise feeding. Stepper Motor Brand : Oriental
    Motor  CSK series.

  • Vacuum Pump is fitted on the feeding-end-conveyor to increase the inertia of the cookies during its piece-
    feeding into wrap-packager.

  • PLC based Software for continuous reliable operation.  Touch Screen is fitted for its variables control.

Feed Separator Conveyor
There are solutions and machines in production from Proviesys Solution for separating
other products. Do contact us for inquiry.
Purpose of this machine :

It is connected divertedly from the Cooling Conveyor, where the cooling conveyor is at position of way out of
oven.  This Feed Separator Packaging Machine is usually installed diagonally to the cooling conveyor. It works
by separating pieces of
biscuits/cookies/chocolate bar/bread from one another. It is then fed directly piece
by piece into a wrap-packager to be packed into complete end products.
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