Progress & Innovation From Proviesys Solution

Excellent solutions in the field of industrial control systems have been a tradition to Proviesys
Solution. Innovative minds and years of experience in layers of control system, spanning from
pneumatic and hydraulic to Distributed Control System (DCS), guarantee further development,
commitment and progress.
Efficient and experienced employees cast through the most modern control systems and often
gone through updated software exposure and control product update enable the consequent
translation of engineering concepts into functional series of control sets. Thus, Proviesys Solution
and its idea have become a synonym for quality and precision in the engineering
field of industrial and creativity control systems.

Design & Development

A team of qualified engineers and specialists supported by the most modern logic and data
processing products and systems guarantee the efficiency, precision and reliability of our system.
Besides working on the constant refinement of a standard program, the team also develop
customer specific solutions for complex control system problems.
We do not regard ourselves merely as a supplier of control industrial, but endeavour to assist our
customers already in the planning stage with comprehensive Proviesys Solution know-how.


We want to satisfy our customers.  It is therefore our main business objective to maintain the
highest quality standard for our systems design and components selection.  The standard to be
applied is set by our customers.  Their judgement is what counts.  Quality increases economic
efficiency.  Therefore, we set a high value on quality and quality assurance.

Training & Advancement

A company is as good as its employees.  Therefore, we attach great importance to training and
further qualification.  It provides the basis for efficiency and highly motivated as well as qualified
staff.   Qualified technical advice and quick help are also typical of Proviesys Solution.  The
know-how of our engineers stands for expert advice, planning, design and development
regarding control systems.  Continuous improvement is the key to our and your success to be the best in the

Reliable Supplies & Shipping

A good relationship with suppliers and wide web connection with sources of quality brand
products, aided with computer-assisted processing of orders optimizes the delivery service.  
Good knowledge and sharp judgement on replaceable items and modifiable systems from our
specialists' eyes ensure that customers do not have to wait long for required industrial control
systems and its products.
A Total System Solution Team

PROVIESYS SOLUTION SDN. BHD. was established in January 2000 in Malaysia by a team of young,
dynamic and aggressive engineers. The team comprise of 5 specialists and assistant specialists who are very
professional and well trained to handle any series of control system in the current market.  Proviesys
Solution Sdn. Bhd. is led by 3 young and dynamic engineers, who had more than 10 years
of experience in industrial control systems.  
We are able to handle systems from fully pneumatic control setup to
hydraulic, and from hardwire automation to module PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and PC
(Personal Computer) based control system.  Even the renowned SCADA (Supervisory Control and
Data Acquisition) and DCS (Distributed Control System) for huge plants are in line with our expertise
and experience.
Proviesys Solution has the
information and technology, resources and ideas on system
not only for SMI (Small Medium Industries), but for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and power
plant too.