Through Proviesys Solution group of applied knowledge, products and services, we can offer our customers the
full spectrum of field service, engineering assistance and support to maximize systems performance.  These
products and services range from the most basic product set-up to sophisticated, comprehensive project
Our competent, caring specialists are highly educated in control systems theory and advance technologies and
are thoroughly trained in-house.  Through intensive classroom instruction and extensive working experiences as
well as the hands-on training in our premises, our specialists have practical know-how and shop floor street
smarts.  You can count on our highly qualified personnel to help meet your needs in areas of Application
Engineering Assistance, Integration & Start-up Assistance, Conversion Services and Maintenance Support, and
a whole range of Professional Support Services.

Application Engineering Assistance

Develop Control System Functional Specifications

Develop Control System Technical Specifications

Hardware and Software Application/Configuration

System and Software Engineering Support

Drive Systems Consultation

Software Documentation Service

Integration and Start-Up Assistance

Project Planning

Project Management

On-Site Installation Support

Start-up Services

Control System Tune-up and Process Optimization

Drive Set-ups

Conversion Services

Field Modernization (closing technological gaps with retrofits, upgrades and engineering services)

- Control system conversion and upgrades

- Drive upgrades

Maintenance Support

On-call Emergency Service

Scheduled Maintenance

- Hourly agreements (a predetermined block of hours of support that can be pre-purchased at a discount and
used as needed throughout the year)

- Blocks-of-Time (support time pre-purchased at a discount in weekly or monthly blocks)

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Support Agreements (tailored to plant needs)

Control/System Upgrade, Modification or Replacement

Software Maintenance (Correction/Adaptation/Enhancement)


Embedded Engineering Services (provision of full-time or part-time industry-trained engineering support
personnel to service plant floor systems)
Field Services, Engineering Assistance & Support